Throwback Thursday

I do love a custom order that is a challenge, and this one sure was. My friend Kheya was set on being Kim Jong Il for Halloween and approached me to do his uniform. She was completely in character for about a week. Total awesomeness.



At first I thought it was a jumpsuit, but upon further investigation I realized it was in fact 2 pieces.  Here’s my version, on the incredibly believable Kheya Yeager…



new design inspiration 1

Monday Inspiration

Todays weekly inspiration come from Martin Margiela, a Belgian designer, as most of my faves are.  I love the shape of the stones and asymmetrical design.  I am not a diamond girl, but this ring makes me pause. Maybe it’s the non traditional design, or maybe it’s the name, the non-engagement ring. Whatever the case, I would rock these rocks.

non engagement ring


Alteration Extraordinaire

My career has been vast and adventurous and it’s mostly because I don’t often say no to a project.  Some of my fellow seamstresses scoff at the idea of alterations.  Not me.  I’ve learned to really enjoy them because I always learn something new in how a garment is constructed.  And practice has made me appreciate the art.  When I give someone back a garment that is so seamlessly altered, they can’t even tell that I dissected it, I feel pretty good about that.  There’s a satisfaction in knowing that my customers get their garment back and now it’s their favorite piece of clothing.  A person who will spend the money on an alteration has a certain attachment to that piece, which carries over to me.  I treat each piece carefully, giving it more longevity to continue it’s story.  I love being involved in prolonging the life of a well made garment, and I love making a well made garment.  This is what Minus the Dart is truly about, the art of longevity.


Here’s the trickiest alteration I ever did.  Relining the inside of this leather motto jacket.  I had to completely take out and re-pattern the pieces.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity, Mark.  May you wear it well.