How to Wear a Cape

How to Wear a Cape

How to Wear a Cape

Whenever I do a trunk show, or help people in my shop, Studio Colfax, I get the question of how to wear a cape, so I decided to do a little post on the subject.

I started making capes upon discovering my mother’s purple wool cape from Scotland.  It was the perfect weight, shape, and color.  I decided I wanted to make a piece of clothing that was both versatile and sophisticated.  After having made a lot of different ones, I started playing around with different ways to wear them.  The great thing about my capes is that they’re the perfect travel companion.  Going on a long trip, why wouldn’t you take something that could be both cozy and fashionable?

So here it goes.  For the shorter capes a simple drape is perfect, and even the longer ones can be worn open or with a cool brooch in the middle.

Over the shoulder is the most popular option, it’s an easy throw over the left or right shoulder.  A great brooch can also be worn here.

The third option is one that I’m quite fond of, belted.  To belt the cape without it looking too bulky, I belt at the waist UNDER the back of the cape, leaving the back to hang free.  Then I cross the cape on itself in front and belt over the cross.

How do you wear your cape?

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