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Bad Ass Bitches: Broad City

I am obsessed with this show.  If you haven’t seen it, please do it now.  There are 2 seasons so far, and these ladies are killing it with, well, everything.  All of the characters are amazing and it’s so New York.  It makes me miss it every time I watch it.

I love everything about this show, but one thing I really admire is that Ilana is so sexually ambiguous.  She never once calls herself a “lesbian” or “bisexual”.  She has her partner Lincoln, played by Hannibal Buress  (who is adorable) but there are so many other partners she has, (including herself at one point).  There’s also this love between Abbi and Ilana that is unbreakable, a bond that only a bestie would understand.  Yes, I still believe in Best Friends. It’s a really refreshing take on living in New York as a twenty through thirty something.

Love her style too:

ilana in boxers

I was looking for another style picture, but landed on this instead.  I titled it “Ilana cross-eyed blow job”

ilana cross eyed blow job

I would love to make her a bra.

pendleton featured image

Monday Inspiration

Sometime last year around the holidays, I became pretty obsessed with wool.  It all started with a cape of my moms that was just perfect.  She’d gotten it from Scotland years ago, and I finally took it to my studio, tweaked the pattern, and made some of my own capes.  I was hooked! The great finds at Colorado Fabrics lead me to a sweet score of some Pendleton Wool.  I used this wool to make 4 bags for my recent trunk show at Studio Colfax.  I learned how to work with leather, a difficult but rewarding endeavor.  Here’s what happened…pendleton tote collage

new design inspiration 1

Monday Inspiration

Todays weekly inspiration come from Martin Margiela, a Belgian designer, as most of my faves are.  I love the shape of the stones and asymmetrical design.  I am not a diamond girl, but this ring makes me pause. Maybe it’s the non traditional design, or maybe it’s the name, the non-engagement ring. Whatever the case, I would rock these rocks.

non engagement ring