On being a man

I love Halloween, always have.  While a lot of girls use this holiday to dress slutty, I, for the past 6 years have been different men.  I think it all started after visiting a friend who was living in Mexico City.  It was right before Dia de los Muertos, and I scored an amazing Mexican wrestling mask.  Then I tried on a fake mustache, and the rest is history.  While this costume was my first, I didn’t have great photos of it, so I’m starting with the next year, when I was a matador.

matadorMy friends from Denver were visiting, and we had a great time in the subways.

The following year, I had just moved back to Denver, and me my sister and my best friend decided to be James Brown, Amy Winehouse, and MIA.  It was a fun trio.  I took an old lamp from a thrift store and made it into a mic, learning some moves to play around with it.

james brownNext, Charlie Chaplin.  A pretty generic costume sure, but it was fun.   Mostly because I stayed in character pretty much the whole night.

charlie chaplin copy

Next was Zorro.  This costume was amazing because my friend gave me a sweet fencing sword that really made the costume.  I kept making Z’s in everything all night. I don’t know what’s with the facial expressions, but it’s still me under that mask I guess.


Freddy Mercury was last year.  This was fun because of the unitard I made.  I just happened to have the perfect fabric, and then when I decided to cut out the chest, add a nude fabric and put chest hair on that nude fabric, it really came together.  I also took some artistic liberty to be 2 different time periods.  Long hair AND mustache.  And the buck teeth were a good addition.

Also I went to a party and there were 2 other Freddies!!!

freddy all dayWhile I loved all of these costumes, this year had to have been the best.  After I decided to be Karl Lagerfeld it was like he was everywhere, the NY Times style magazine featured him, and he just kept popping up in different places.  In my research I discovered he has a very famous cat named Choupette.  She has over 70,000 followers on instagram. So, I knew that was an important prop.  The rest just materialized…

karl lagerfeldThanks for reading if you made it this far.  It was fun learning photoshop for this post! Until next years man…

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